Claiming your Recomazing profile can help you showcase your business (and what your happy customers think of you) to the 30+ entrepreneurial communities who have claimed RecoHubs on Recomazing.

If your business already has a listing on Recomazing, simply us the icon to get in-touch with us. 

Once you are verified you will be able to edit any business information. Please note, this does not allow you to change or remove recos from a business profile. 

If your business is not yet listed, the best way to get onto the best way to get your business onto Recomazing is to give your business a reco - just be clear that you work for the business! Here's a great example:

Once your business has a reco, get in touch and we'll feature it in your RecoHub's B2B business category.

Simply use the chat icon in the bottom right of the page to make sure you're added.

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